When a homeowner first looks at a finished cabinetry project, they don’t see joinery, hardware, or hours spent on installation. They see what’s on the surface: the quality of the work, the finish that tops it off, and the way it all comes together in form and function.

For more than 20 years, that’s been The Duncan Difference: Unifying custom finishes and precision installation to create handcrafted cabinetry that’s as elegant as it is long lasting.

“Most cabinetry shops just offer just a few finishes. We can create any effect with
any intensity a customer wants, from 5 sheen to 100 percent high-gloss.”
— Brian K. Duncan, president and founder, Duncan Cabinetry


We don’t see limits—only possibilities. At Duncan, we go beyond the standard selection of woods and finishes. We work hundreds of types of wood and produce just about any effect our customers can imagine. We collaborate with metal shops to design cabinets with stainless steel; aluminum, copper finishes, electric doors & drawers, and led lighting. Unlike many other cabinetmakers, we are experts at customizing finishes to suit just about every specification and design palette.

We don’t pick and choose our services — we strive to do it all. If our clients need help choosing a finish, Duncan Cabinetry’s experts can recommend the best wood and finishing technique for the space. Thanks to our intuition honed over more than 20 years in the industry, we often produce the exact sample clients are looking for—on the first try. Nor are we intimidated by unusual and exotic projects—we always do our research, plan our approach, and get the job done.

We don’t work alone — we work as a team. We consult regularly with architects, builders, designers, and specialty trades to make sure our work stays true to the project’s overall vision, fits the exact specifications, and comes in on time and on budget.

Experience the Duncan Difference. For a no-cost consultation, contact us today.